unexpected panic attack at a big fair

by grace

So I was at a big fair with my partner and small children when all a sudden I felt I couldn't breathe I then had a drop feeling of intense and very uncomfortable butterflies from top of stomach all the way down to my legs I then turned to "jelly" I kept focusing on my breathing which wasn't getting any better I felt I couldn't even stand up even though I was and walking making my way to the paramedics there I actually can not recall ever having a panic attack this bad I had a out of body feeling and I felt light as a feather I guess I really did think I was going to die I did not believe the doctors could help me once I was in the cabin I was talking so fast breathing fast and felt like going to sleep I felt awful for my family as they was panicked too I then got checked over and the only thing they could find was raised heart rate and even though I felt I couldn't breathe my oxygen was 98% so I panicked then because its normally 99% then my hands started shaking and a cold rush in left arm and pins and needles
I have never been so scared he said it was panic but to me im still scared now as it did not feel anything like a panic im now petrified its going to happen again

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