This can't be life!

by Christina ausyin

I had my first recorded panic attack 4 years ago. I've been to the ER twice thinking it was a heart attack,stroke,brain cancer,you name it I had it. So over the years I've read every forum and article I could find on this terrible "disease". FINALLY in October 2015 I decided to put the xanex down and fight this all on my own! Its worked up until 2 nights ago. I smoked a joint of really good medical marijuana and went to the casino. As I sat at my machine,all the lights and bells made me feel weird. I felt faint! I survived however and went home. Wake up this morning and I've had this ongoing attack(I hope)since 8am its now 6pm. I feel my legs tingle,feel heavy when I stand, I want to say I'm dizzy but the world isn't spinning so I'll go with lightheaded. Its indescribable, weird is the best word for it. Chest gets tight,heart races,biting the insides of my cheeks. It's terrible! Just keep saying to myself,this will pass!

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