theme park

I'm 14 and suffer from anxiety attacks quite a lot. I went to a theme park with my friends and we went on a rollar coaster, I normally love rollar coasters and am completely calm when on them, but this time it was different. I had gotten on and was waiting for for the ride to start while I started to sob, I couldn't speak properly when my friend was asking me if I was ok, I was stuttering like mad and my friends tried to get the attention of the man who control the rollar coaster so he could let me off. But, of course he didn't see us. The ride started and my anxiety attack continued to get worse. I have never had one quite as severe as this. I was screaming like I had never screamed because and hysterically crying through out the whole ride, I didn't open my eyes once, and I could hardly breathe. When I got off I couldn't stand because I was so shakey. It lasted through the whole ride which was about 3 minutes. It was the most horrible thing of my life.

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