the worst panic attack I've ever had, at school.

by Emma

Okay so I'm 15 now and have been experiencing anxiety from the age of about 12.

The worst panic attack I have ever had happened when I was 14, at school.

That day was a theme day (which means we were off timetable and doing activities) my class had the opportunity to welcome a French and Italian school to our school as part of a project.
The hall was filled with students and teachers. This is when it started.

I suddenly felt a weird feeling in my chest, a tight feeling. I knew what was coming.

My teachers were standing at the door. I stood up as fast as I could and walked towards the door, I ran to the place that I felt safest, an office of one of my teachers. I walked in and she knew what was happening, I couldn't speak, I just tried to gesture that I wasn't okay. She told me to sit down and breathe but I couldn't, I lost the feeling of my hands, my legs started shaking, I nearly threw up, I then had to breathe into a paper bag. I couldn't get up because I was so ligtheaded.

This lasted about two hours. With the help of about 3 teachers I managed to calm down but felt so down and tired afterwards.

Worst experience of my life.

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