The music in your "floating on a cloud" video...

by Dave
(Flemington, NJ)

Good day,

I am wondering about the music on the above named video. I was able to identify the composer as Tony McVann, I believe, but the only version/source I have found has lots of birds chirping in it...too distracting over the lovely piano. Is there a different version available that you could point me to?

Wonderful work you are doing here.

Sincerest thanks,

David Eisenhardt
Flemington, NJ


I have made two versions of the "Floating on a Cloud" video, each with different music, but the music for both videos comes from Royalty free music from Kevin MacLeod,

In the first video, "Guided Imagery Relaxation Script: Floating on a Cloud," the piece titles are Midsummer Sky, Sapphire Isle, Serene, and Daybreak. The second video is called "Floating on a Cloud Relaxation with Calm Music," and the piece title is Almost in F.

I highly recommend Kevin MacLeod's music. There is a variety of royalty free music to choose from and the music is of high quality. Many of my videos and audio feature music from his site.



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