The first panic attack was my worse because I didnt know what was happening

by scardycat

I was out of just having a drink of soft drink. Feeling relaxed. In fact more relaxed as usual. When all of a sudden I just felt unwell. I started to get really hot so i went to the bathroom and threw up. Then I started to sweat. I was sweating so bad my clothes became wet. My head started to spin and my heart was pounding as hard it hurt so I sat on the bathroom floor for a few about 10 minutes. I thought I was going to die I was so scared. I thought I was having a heart attack. I sat on the floor until it settled down a bit. When I looked in the mirror I was pale as a ghost. The dizzyness and sweating lasted about an hour then I started to feel ok. But I felt like I had run a marathon. I was totally exhausted. I went from one extreme of been boiling hot to feeling cold. When I got up the next morning I still felt exhausted and had tightness in the chest so I went straight to the doctors. I had a ECG on my heart that came back normal which is good. He said I had a panic attack. Ive never had anything like that happen before omg scared the hell out of me I think its because it hit me so sudden. I have these type of panic attacks 3 to 4 times a week. Sometimes more. They have affected my every day life so much. Some days I cant even go to get milk let alone go to the supermarket. I get as far as the door and I start to panic. I do breathing exercises to try and relax self talk but if the panic wont go away or even settle a bit I just have to go home. I cant go where there are crowds either so I have become very isolated.
I been having these types of attacks now for over 12 months.
I am having regular doctors appointments and see a psychologist every week. When I go for my appointments I go straight into a room on my own cause I cant be around anyone or I panic. This can't be good for my health having these attacks so often.
I'm on meds and I cant see any difference really and Ive tried many different ones.
I feel very alone right now

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Aug 15, 2015
so sorry
by: Anonymous

did they give u an rx for xnanx

Sep 16, 2015
You're Not Alone
by: Cara

I have at least one horrific panic attack a day. Heart pounding, dizzy, numbness and tingling (in arms, head, lips), trouble breathing, hands shaking, stuttering words, fast pounding heart. Feels as if I'm going to pass out and ALWAYS feels like I'm going to die this time. So scary! Mine come about for no reason that I know of. I can even be relaxing at the time. I wouldn't wish these on my worst enemy. Scary is an understatement. I've given in and resorted to Xanax. I'll put a quarter or a half under my tongue for faster absorption and then try to breath out the panic attack until the Xanax kicks in (usually about 15 minutes). I hate Xanax because, obviously it's not good for you and also because it makes me extremely tired. Guess I'd rather live like a zombie, than in a terrifying state of fight or flight. Peace to all suffering from this horrible monster.

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