sudden feeling of terror

by Matthew
(newark, New York)

This happened about a week ago.I was sitting down playing some call of duty in my basement as usual. All of a sudden I started feeling a strange feeling in my heart that I couldn't shake or get my mind off of.

I went upstairs to talk to my younger brother, (I am 20, he is 16), thinking maybe that by talking to him would calm me down. It didn't. I asked him what he was doing, and he said he was about to go to bed soon.

As soon as I answered "ok," all hell broke loose. My heart instantly started beating uncontrollably fast. I was so terrified as soon as I felt my heart beating at this speed when I put my hand on my chest. I walked right out of my house barefoot, walking up and down the street, hoping that it would subside. It got so bad that I fell to my knees pleading to God to keep me alive.

I felt death approaching, my heart exploding. I knew now and then that this was a full blown panic attack. My head started spinning and my throat started to close up. My breathing had already failed me. I fell face first to the ground thinking that this was it. It's all over. This was the end. But I started praying and begging to God to spare me.

I finally managed to receive the strength to stand up, run wildly inside and grab my Bible laying on my bedstand. I started reading verses, and after about an hour of reading, my heart rate slowed down enough to where I wasn't worried anymore. I believe God saved me that night.

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Jul 31, 2014
the scariest attack ever
by: Anonymous

I was at the dentist office getting a couple of fillings. I was relaxed and numb then towards the end I started feeling light headed and as if my throat was closing. My heart was racing and I was shaking. I asked the dentist to call 911 I thought I was having a stroke or heart attack because my left side was drooping. The ambulance finally came and took me to the hospital. I had a severe Panic attack. I have had anxiety attacks in the past but nothing like this. I thought I was dying! Im back on my xanax

Dec 19, 2014
by: Drew

This reminds this reminds me of my first panic attack! I walked outside, fell on the ground and called out for God's help too! I also got my Bible and my panic slowly left my body as well!

Jun 19, 2015
by: Anonymous

Hey..i also have panic and anxiety since i was 15yrs old now im 37..the strange thing is i can go for month's w out any signs of panic..but oddly enough for the past month or so they've been hitting me like crazy sometimes two in a day i wake up in a panic as if I've had a terrifying nightmare,my heart is slamming in my chest and im shaking like a leaf..i try and comfort myself the best i can.drink ice water and cold shower seems to do the trick at times.but other times it fails me..and these attacks don't just hit in my sleep but during the day as well. I get this over powering feeling of dread and literally freak the F out!! And.lately it's taking over my life i can't function because im scared ill have an attack at any given to the point if im not working im closed off from my kids n other family thinking this will control my problem when in all reality it's making matters 15 yr old daughter is feeling the stress from my attacks and iam ashamed i break down ever so offended and pled to god that this will end and we can be a family so stuck in this rut i need someone that understands what im going through..

Dec 06, 2015
I was sure I was dying
by: Gracy

Io was in an underground tube with my cousin and suddenly I felt the lack of air and as I tried to breathe I felt short of breath and my chest got heavy and painful . I told my cousin we need to get out and have some fresh air as I couldn't breathe so we rushed out in the next stop and as we went out my feet and legs were getting numb and my eyes blurring. We sat at a coffee shop just outside the tube station and I tried to relax . I was still breathless and my lips started to contract involuntarily and my hands clawed up I was about to black out and I was sure I was dying or even if I survived I would be paralyzed . I started praying to God in Jesus name continuously and after about 30 minutes I calmed down and then only the ambulance reached and checked me and said I had the worst panic attack. But it was God who spared my life and who helps and provides everything that I have and am . Praise the Lord .

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