by Latoya jones
(north Charleston )

Why does my body feel stressed out because its cold and I'm used to the cold? Now the cold irritates me and hurts me.

Answer: I'm not sure why the cold is bothering you now, but I do know that extreme cold is perceived by the body as stressful.

Sometimes cold can irritate the body by causing stiffness in joints and muscles. Exercising without warming up first can cause injury. Cold can also sometimes irritate pain that is already present, or cause aching even if pain was not there before. If there is any medical problem causing pain or sensitivity, it may be possible for extreme temperatures to worsen this.

I recommend you see your doctor or other medical professional for a check up to see if there is a reason the cold is hurting you.

Here is an exercise that may help you warm up. It is called "Warm Autogenic Relaxation." Perhaps it will help you feel better.



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