School Anxiety

by Stephanie, 14
(Beaverton, Or)

What are some ways that I can help control my school anxiety. I have not been able to attend school very often. Just about once a week, maybe if that. It started about a month ago, during the last half of finals week. I failed all my classes last term as well. To add to that, I didn't go to school the following week, and only one day the next week, and only one day last week. I didn't go to school today either. I need some ways I can get past my anxiety over going to school and be able to function regularly. On the days that I did go, I had severe panic attacks littered throughout my school day and on the bus home.


It sounds like your anxiety is getting very severe and making it difficult to function. I suggest trying the following:

- First, see your medical doctor for a complete checkup (make sure to mention the anxiety symptoms you are having).

- Talk to your school counsellor about the difficulty attending school and about the panic attacks.

- Use relaxation exercises for short sessions several times throughout the day and one longer relaxation session every day.

Some relaxation scripts that may help can be found on the Anxiety Relief Scripts page and the Guided Imagery Scripts page. It can be helpful to record yourself reading the script out loud and then listen to the recording and follow the instructions. People often respond best to their own voice. Listen to the audio recording every day.

I hope this helps.



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