Scared and I Don't Know Why!!

by Richard
(S.W. Florida)

I used to get them, when I was in my 20's.

Awake, or asleep, they would come up on you, instantly.
For a while, before I knew what they were, I thought I was losing my mind...I paniced, which made it worse, then hyperventilate.
My though, was, I'm scared, but I don't know why I am scared!
If I was sleeping and had one, I thought it was a nightmare, but why is it still here, 5 minutes, later?
When it happened, in waking hours, driving, I became disoriented....I forgot where I was going and even how to get there. Everything seemed strange, even though I drove that rode almost everyday, for the past 10 years. If I was going to work, I couldn't remember how to get there.
And finally, everything seemed so much clearer, brighter, more vivid and colourful.
When I would get them, when I was resting at home, or, wherever, I would have to go outside and breathe!!! A few big inhale/exhales and I started to feel better.

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