Relaxation tapes/hypnosis

by Cici

Do you use hypnosis in your progressive muscle relaxation tapes like the one you have on YouTube? Or in the music in the background? Thanks!

Hi Cici,

I would answer your question with both yes and no.

Yes - I do use suggestions for relaxation and it is possible to use relaxation techniques for self hypnosis.

No - I do not use any hidden meanings or messages either in the words or music of my relaxation scripts.

Here's what I mean.

All of my relaxation scripts include suggestions for relaxation (for example, "allow your arms to relax"). The suggestions I use are straight forward, clear, and direct, with no hidden meanings.

Relaxation techniques (such as progressive muscle relaxation) can be part of hypnotherapy. A state of hypnosis can be achieved through relaxation techniques if a person achieves a deep enough state of relaxation. When in a state of hypnosis, people can more easily take in suggestions (for example, suggestions for positive change or suggestions to relax), but even in the deepest state of hypnosis, you can always choose whether to accept or reject any suggestion.

So, technically, all relaxation techniques could be used as part of a self hypnosis exercise (using hypnosis on your own for making positive changes). An example is taking in suggestions about relaxing so you more easily relax in the future. Another example is getting over fear of public speaking by taking in (and believing) positive suggestions for confidence. But you do not have to use relaxation exercises for self hypnosis; you could just decide to use them for decreasing muscle tension and becoming generally more calm without making any long term changes at all.

You can read more about the differences between relaxation and hypnosis, and how to ensure you maintain complete control over your own mind, on this page:

I hope this answers your question! Please post comments if you would like clarification or more information.


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