~ Relaxation Backgrounds and Music

Relaxation Music and Background Sounds

The right relaxation music can help make a relaxation script even more relaxing and calming. These music and sounds can be played in the background at the same time as you play a relaxation download, or can be played in the background while you read a relaxation script. Enhance your relaxation experience with these relaxing sounds and music.

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If you find that relaxation scripts are even more effective with background music, you are not alone. Many people find that music or calm, neutral sounds can help induce relaxation. Neutral sounds such as signing birds, a flowing river, rain and thunder, and ocean waves can also be played as "white noise" to help you sleep or just to relax.

Imagine the sound of a gentle thunderstorm or rain storm lulling you to sleep. You can replicate this experience by playing the "Rain and Thunder" track below.

To use background music with relaxation audio, open the relaxation downloads page in a new tab (right click the link and select "open in new tab"). Come back to this tab and play the music or sounds of your choice. Return to the relaxation downloads tab and click play by the relaxation audio of your choice. The two pieces will play at the same time.

If you want to play this music while reading a relaxation script, simply press play next to your track of choice below. The music will play, and you can commence with reading the relaxation script.

These music tracks and sounds are a good way to provide your own choice of background for relaxation scripts.

Play Relaxation Music and Background Sounds

Ocean Waves Sounds

The sound of calming ocean waves on a sandy shore.

Bird Sounds

The sound of a variety of songbirds singing peacefully in the summer.

Rain and Thunder

The peaceful sound of rain and mild thunder provide a relaxing rainstorm a stand-alone sound track or calming background.

Binaural River Water Sounds

"Binaural" sounds are recorded with two microphones. This recording technique replicates real-life stereo sound with depth that makes it sound like you are really there. Listen to the calming water sounds of a peaceful river.

Music: Meditation Impromptu 01

"Meditation Impromptu 01" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Music: Serene

"Serene" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Royalty music by Kevin MacLeod is available from incompetech.com.

More relaxation audio that you can play for free from your web browser:

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~ Relaxation Backgrounds and Music

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