Relaxation for Overcoming Procrastination

by Jonathan
(San Francisco, CA)

Candi- Your script on fidgeting has helped me tremendously. I've noticed a difference already. After reflecting on the session, I've realized that the root of the fidgeting is anxiety related to procrastination. I would be indebted if you could make a script on overcoming the anxiety of jumping on the chores that we all dread to tackle because of fear of failure, desire for perfection or fear of becoming vulnerable and opening oneself up for scrutiny. I'd be willing to pay for this as well. Will you procrastinate on getting back to me?:)

Again your website and services are awesome.

This would be an excellent topic for a podcast. I will do a podcast on overcoming procrastination...and I'll try not to procrastinate too much getting it ready to go. :)

Thanks for the idea!


P.S. You won't have to pay for it. I like requests and suggestions because then I have ideas for podcast topics. You're helping me out by sending your ideas!

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