Relaxation ascension

Question: Could you do a relaxation script that focuses on walking up the stairs to a relaxed place for sleep?

Also, I shared one of your breathing exercise today with someone who was emotionally flooded and it seemed to help her.

Answer: I'm glad to hear that you shared the breathing exercise with someone and that it was helpful. Yes, I will do a relaxation script on walking up the stairs to a relaxed place to go to sleep. Thank you for the suggestion. Keep checking the "What's New" page to find the script when it becomes available.

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Aug 28, 2013
Relaxation scripts young ages
by: wayne

Fascinating site. Are there any exercises tailored to middle school age children 11-13. Also, are there any exercises that can be done in a short time.

The following exercises could be used by middle-school-age children and adolescents:

- Relaxation to Decrease Fidgeting

- Writing an Exam

- Passive Progressive Muscle Relaxation

- Stretch and Relax

- Calm Stretching Relaxation

These relaxation exercises can be done quickly:

- Quick Relaxation: Deep Breathing

- Quick and Easy Relaxation

- Quick Progressive Muscle Relaxation

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