Question about podcasts

by Bobbie

Hello :)
I posted on your Facebook page a few days ago re your hot springs guided meditation - you included a link, which I was able to access, however I was wondering if I can access it via the iTunes podcast app. I have the inner health studio podcast saved but I am unable to locate these podcast episodes within iTunes. The reason I ask is that ive been having difficulty downloading it properly through the other links. It stops and starts and it was quite frustrating. There seem to only be SOME of the podcasts available via the iTunes link and not ALL of them. I'm really after the hot springs sleep meditation - it's one of my favourites.
Anyway, thanks for taking the time,
Kind regards,
Bobbie :)

Hi Bobbie,
Only the most recent episodes are available in iTunes at any given time, so that is why you're having trouble finding old episodes. I will post the Hot Springs Sleep Relaxation episode again so you can download it. It will be available in iTunes later this week!
Another option for those of you who may be looking for more downloads - some past episodes are available at the Self Help Store for $2.75 each.


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