Public Speaking Anxiety

by vaijnath

When i am in fear (fear to speak before people) my face muscles being tight, specially upper lips muscles, and then I can not speak. Please help me and suggest a remedy for my fear of public speaking.

Public speaking anxiety is very common. Most people have at least a little fear of public speaking. For many of us, public speaking is terrifying and very uncomfortable.

Symptoms of public speaking anxiety include those you mentioned (tight face muscles and lips, difficulty with speech) and other anxiety symptoms such as perspiration, nausea, stuttering, and shaking.

It is possible to get rid of public speaking anxiety - but the only way to do this is by facing your fear. You won't get rid of public speaking anxiety without practice speaking in public and going through a degree of anxiety and discomfort.

I recommend using guided imagery to practice facing your fear of public speaking in your mind, to mentally overcome your fear (see below). Then, practice in real life, starting with small steps. For example, start by saying hi to a stranger or commenting on the weather. Tell a story to a small group of friends. Work up to more challenging situations such as asking a question in a group. Eventually face your fear of public speaking head on by giving a speech or a presentation.

It's okay to experience anxiety and be afraid when faced with public speaking, but when you face the fear and speak in public anyway, you will prove to yourself that the fear was not needed and that you are capable.

This public speaking visualization is a guided imagery script uses visualization to allow you to imagine yourself calmly and successfully speaking in public. Practice often for best results.

Best wishes, and can do it!

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