Panic in the middle of worship

by Maya

I started suffering from severe panic attacks started about two years ago. I also have OCD and generalized anxiety.

Within the last two years my behavior has been erratic. I have been known to barge in on a meeting or group of people at work asking for help because I've been in the middle of a panic attack. I have also run out into the street or just outside my home in the middle of a panic attack so as to be able to seek help from ANYONE in case, you know, it didn't turn out to be a panic attack...

Anyways, on this occasion everything hit me whilst I was in a prayer ritual in my bedroom. I HAD THE WORKS; weak arms and legs, cold/hot flashes, out-of-body or dreamlike thoughts, racing heart, couldn't catch my breath, sweating, head spinning with so many noises and thoughts, loss of concentration.

I had to leave my prayer and RUN. I couldn't find my phone so I went outside and just stood there, waiting, wondering, confused, and frantic.

It must have taken 20 minutes until I could complete my prayer and then another 15 min to come down enough to write this.

I hope sharing this helps someone else as I know it has helped me.

God Bless

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