Panic attack turned to generalized anxiety disorder

by Shannon
(New Carrollton md )

I've always had panic attacks since I was 10 or since I could remember I'm 20 now.. And the attacks started happening almost every day a year ago then two months ago I got a horrible attack but I had no idea it was anxiety attack.. I swore I was going to die! My chest was hurting bad and heart was pounding so hard and fast that I couldn't breathe, I was having hot sweats and had to call the ambulance and telling my boy friend my final goodbyes.. I felt as if I was loosing my mind.. And then after that I was sent home and now I have a humming shaking when I try and sleep then I jolt up in a panic.. I'm trying to get over it using Valarian root and it does work for me... Because xenex makes me have bad symptoms side efects and scare me more..

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