Panic attack that made me think I was getting posessed.

Im in the navy and have dealt with plenty of stress on the ship. I finally got a break and ended up on shore duty, it was actually very relaxing, stress levels were pretty much gone. However lately i started having a few panic attacks, for a while i seemed to get over them as well as I could. But today it struck out of nowhere while in a lab at school. I rode through a portion of it trying not to freak out in front of the class, but it was quite over powering. I dismissed myself right after the lab and headed over to medical, that's when it hit even worse. I felt like I was being posessed, or going loosing my mind. It came in waves I felt like shouting at the nurses, and tried to keep myself from running out of the hospital room. I got so desperate I asked for one of the nurses to pray with me. My body kept shaking and I felt unbearable panic. It took half an hour for me to finally calm myself. I'm hoping this won't come back, but I keep hearing that these attacks may be for life.

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