Panic attack on the bus.

by Wilma Franzén
(Motala, Sweden)

I was about 14 or 15, it was my last year in secondary school. As a teenager I had the knowledge of what a panic attack was, but I really did never think anything of it. I probably that you had to have depression or something that made you emotionally unstable.

As my way to the school – I was going by bus because I was living 1- 2 km from where the school was located – I didn't feel so feel, I thought it was because I didn't sleep so well the previous night. All of a sudden I began to feel a little noxious, and my eyes became slightly sensitive to light of the sun. After a while, I couldn't breath properly. It didn't feel like a heart attack, but it was like I was dying, (or more like felt I was dying). After some seconds of felling like dying, it died down and I came back to my normal state.

I didn't really thing anything after that and I forgot about for a while. Now after thinking of what actually happened on the scene I realised that it was a case of panic attack. I'm happy that the panic attacks didn't really continue after that.

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