Panic attack on driving lesson

by Tom
(Paraparaumu, New Zealand)

So about 30 minutes ago i had the WORST panic attack ive ever had. I was on my weekly driving lesson (they dont stress me out by the way) and i was pulling out of a street then BAM out of no where i had a full blown panic attack, fast heart rate, shaky feeling, light headed, tingling feeling, upset stomach and i felt i was about to die.

It lasted for about 30-45 seconds and i dont even know what caused it but i have been feeling rather anxious today for some reason. I was supposed to go the gym for a workout after my lesson but i never went, my thoughts were that my heat was going to fail and if i didn't die on my driving lesson, i'd die in the gym from doing exercise so now i'm at home playing some Rome Total War to try and take my mind off of everything.

Man it was scary, the most terrifying experience in my life.

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