out of nowhere

by Ashley

I've had little episodes in the past, but this attack put me in the hospital. I woke up in the middle of the night, feeling like i couldn't breathe. Immediately, i started freaking out. Like i said, i've had little attacks before, but nothing like this.

I got up from bed and ran to get a glass of water. I felt so out of place, like i was in a dream, and my entire body was shaking. I ran with it and let it get worse, so my heart began to race.

At this point, i had to wake up my parents. My dad already knew it was a panic attack and he tried everything to calm me down. But it was only getting worse. I could feel my heart pounding and skipping beats, i'd get sharp chest pains, and my left arm felt tingly. I kept thinking i was having a heart attack and finally convinced my dad to take me to the hospital. Low and behold, my potassium was low. Not knowing what my body was trying to tell me, i quickly turned it into a panic attack. They gave me a banana and meds to relax and i immediately fell asleep when i got home.

I still have tiny episodes, here and there. I know my anxiety's high when my head starts to feel numb and my heart feels like it's pounding. Most of the time, i have a really hard time sleeping. Usually, a tall glass of water and a banana make me feel better. Having company also makes me feel a lot more comfortable.

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