Operating Theatre Panic Attack

by Lily-Rose

I'm 19 years old, in university studying ODP. As part of my course I have to do a work placement in an operating theatre working in Anesthetics, Surgery and Recovery. I had only recently starting doing anything about my anxiety and depression - which I had had since I was 15, so safe to say I was exactly coping the best I could at the time.

Last year, I was halfway through my first year, it wasn't going too bad givens I didn't have the best work placement; but there was one person who worked there who made the place horrible for me. I dreaded going in so much I'd have a panic attack walking there, I was drained all the time and it was terrible. On this one day, a new surgeon was in so he was shouting and stressing me out, the member of staff had snapped at me for things that weren't even my fault and after a while I snapped.

I had gotten the patient onto the table but I could feel my heart going way too fast. I was feeling sweaty, I felt a little dizzy, I had pins and needles, I couldn't catch my breath no matter how hard I tired to breathe. I could feel the tears coming to my eyes as a member of staff asked if I was ok as I'd backed up again a wall with my hand on my chest. I weakly said no I need air while running out into the staff changing rooms before absolutely breaking down on the floor.

A member of staff came and found me and calmed me down after a few minutes, and the next week me and another student made a complaint against this member of staff.

I've had plenty of panic attacks but this one made it to the top. It was embarrassing, it was horrible and I just could get control of myself!

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