On my birthday

by Christina
(Arcadia High School)

It happened on my 16th birthday. It was already at the end of the day and everything was going pretty smoothly. I DID have a feeling of paranoia and anxiety and whatnot, but I didn't know what it was.

It was in my earlier years when I started to have this phobia of being touched, so when my friend poked me in the side without me knowing, I just snapped.

What happened was that I started hyperventilating, which led to the numbness and being lightheaded. I couldn't control my actions and my breath and my thoughts. I just felt like I was going crazy.

I couldn't control my crying and my breath at the same time, so it was like I was sobbing choking at the same time. Then it my fingertips started to tingle and it moved upwards towards my hands and arm. My face and my foot also became so numb that it literally hurts because I was really tense to the point where I really couldn't even move my fingers. It was even numb in my private parts.

Luckily my friends were there to help me through. Two of my friends helped massaged both my hands while the others tried to talk me out of being scared.

It lasted for about an hour and a half. That probably doesn't sound like a long time but if you were in a position scared to death while being numb in one position, an hour and a half is such a long time. It felt like it was never going to end.

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