Night time scares

I find I get it 2 nights after I drink large amounts. I'm 18, and been suffering with this since I turned 18. (Almost a year.)

The first night after drinking I lay in bed, and I can feel a bit of anxiety. But the second night, I feel & know I'm going to get an attack. I feel as if I'm laying in bed forever, trying to breathe properly because I feel like my heart is beating so fast. Then I'll feel tingling in my hands and feet and I can't move for what feels like a life time. When I'm in the state where I can't move, I get weird hallucinations and everything seems like an unrealistic dream. It's scary as heck. One time I felt like my heart was going to blow up, and I was constantly thinking "I need to go to the hospital... I need to call ambulance but there's no point because I'll die before they get here."

When I go through this state I am constantly thinking to myself that's the only somewhat control I have. I went out drinking two nights ago of course, and consumed vast amounts of alcohol. I looked at the clock and it was 1am. Then tried to fall asleep.

It first started off with my heart beating and I just wanted to get comfortable so I could breathe properly. Then I had maybe 5 second sessions of me not being able to move. When I get the short ones like that I feel like if I focus on my breathing I can snap out of them! Feel like I have a bit of control I feel like I can make them happen as well. Then a really bad one came, felt like it lasted 5 minutes.

I felt like I was going to do things I didn't want to do, I felt like my chest was being risen up and I was getting possed. I couldn't talk but I wanted to yell to my roommate for help. I felt like the only thing I could do was snore so I think I snored on purpose hoping I would catch her attention. I tried focusing on my breathing but I couldn't snap out of it. Finally I woke up and said " Taylor " and then tried to feel okay again...

These attacks completely drain me and it's a struggle to right this I'm so weak right now. If I stop drinking will I get better? Or should I go to the doctor?

So happy that I get these at night though ( as scary as it is ) but if I got them during the day I would seem like a complete whacked out nut case. This is really embarrassing that these happen to me.

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Jul 02, 2014
i feel you
by: Janessa

I get the exact same thing. :(

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