need help?

so im 15 and i have only just be informed that i have 4 different types of anxiety and have a very mild case of bipolar. I have tried the 5 easy steps to calm down from axiety but it doesnt seem to work, my mum doesnt believe in medication and says that i will just grow out of it, but it seems to be getting worse. Before my anxiety would come but then pass in a few minutes but now its constant and wont go away. I just want it to go away, can someone please help me?

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May 31, 2012
Anxiety Relief
by: Candi

It must be frustrating and scary that your anxiety is increasing and you can't seem to make it go away. What you are experiencing is actually quite common in people who have recently been diagnosed with anxiety disorders. The awareness of any anxiety symptoms seems to create even more anxiety, and it just builds until you are feeling anxious all the time.

Usually this feeling will pass once you realise that the anxiety will not hurt you and that you can get through it. It is not going to last forever. Your body can't stay in this state forever, so you can be assured that you will begin feeling better (and probably soon!).

I recommend that you get some face-to-face support to learn and practice techniques for reducing anxiety. Do you have access to a school counsellor? If not, you could ask your doctor for a list of counsellors and therapists in your area. A counsellor can help you identify the underlying fears that contribute to the anxiety and to eliminate those fears.

Anxiety is caused by feelings of fear. The difference between fear and anxiety is that fear occurs when you are faced with imminent danger, while anxiety occurs when no actual danger is immediately present. By identifying the underlying beliefs that are causing the fear, you then have the opportunity to change those beliefs. Changing beliefs leads to lasting freedom from anxiety.

Without changing your beliefs, any relief from anxiety is likely to be temporary. Whether you use relaxation techniques, medication, or distraction, these methods help to relieve anxiety in the moment but do not necessarily address the underlying fears.

For this week's Relaxation by Inner Health Studio podcast, I will post an anxiety relief audio script you may find helpful. If you have not already subscribed to the podcast, you can subscribe for free here:
Relaxation by Inner Health Studio podcast

Sep 02, 2013
How you know you have anxiety
by: Anonymous

I Want to let you know worrying about anxiety without any diagnosis will create more problems so you should take a medical interview with a psychiatrist.
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