My worst panic attack, age 12 and a half

I am about to become thirteen, but I've had a terrible relationship with panic attacks. One night when my mum came to say goodnight, she found me in tears and I couldn't breathe. She thought I was just having a meltdown but I could tell it was something worst. So, she sat down on the end of my bed and waited until I was calm. But, I wanted to be alone and help myself, so I yell for her to leave me alone. She didnt leave and I was yelling at her. I felt panic in my head and crawled under my bed. I couldnt breathe and I was sure that I would soon faint or pass out. I was screaming, my limbs went numb, I couldnt breathe. My face was wet and sticky from the tears, my hair was grubby and disgusting. My mum finally pulled me out and tried to make me calm, it took me one hour till i was calm again. The next day I went to my guidance teacher at school, and told them what had happened. They didnt arrange to speak to me until last week, and by that time I'd had several panic attacks. That week, I had already had three. It was in the medical suite when they told me I had anxiety probelms. At first I was happy, i found out what was wrong with me. But then I couldnt spend a day not thinking about it. It was like a drill, drilling down into my skull. I wanted to be normal again, not someone who has these attacks at the age of thirteen. The next day, I did some reseach on panic attacks. A website told me that the normal age for having panic attacks was 19, I was horrified when the number appeared. I really thought something was wrong with me.
So if any of you guys know if it is normal to get panic attacks at this age, please, somehow tell me. I am really scared and i dont know what to do.
Also if it is odd to get panic attacks at my age, then to everyone who also gets panic attacks as a kid. You are not alone.
Please take time to read my story, I want answers...❤️

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