My summer

by Briana
(Chicago il )

I was 14 years old when I had my first panic attack on June 10 weird how I remember the exact date ! That day was of course the most scariest day of my life I literally thought I was going to die ! I fear nothing or don't have so much stress built on me so I never thought it'd be a panic attack. But it was . Here it goes... It was 11 pm and I was on my phone waiting to get tired so I can fall asleep out of no where I started feeling sweaty and I felt like I couldn't even swallow my saliva my throat felt tight my chest as well my heart was racing like crazy it felt like it was about too jump out. ! I didn't wanna wake up my mom since she had work early the next day so I kept drinking water but it just made me panic even more thinking I would choke ! I sat down and can see and feel my legs were shaking uncontrollably I started getting so scared I thought I was going to have a heart attack I woke my mom up and she looked scared I was on the couch crying for minutes then it stopped the next day I felt better and went on with my life till it hit me again at 4am even worse ! I went to the ER I could barely even breathe ! & came home at 6am I didn't eat nothing for a whole week I felt very sick after those two panic attacks after I ate then now I just got really bad acid reflux and get a few headaches but when I know I'm about to have one I do and know I can control them (:!

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