My panic attack

by Tori

Well, about a month ago (in june) My family and i have been out at red lobsters for dinner. When i first got there i was fine and i was totally unaware of what was going to happen... When i was eating my dinner, i was very quiet for some reason and didn't want to talk to anybody. I was grumpy to my mother,father and brother. All of the sudden, i felt like i wasn't real... Like this wasn't happening. (lol, i know i sound mental...) I told my parents that i felt weird. My mother brang me outside and i sat in our van. I remember i felt strange,vision blur,un-real and VERY panicy. She told me that i'm fine, i'm just having a panic attack. But i thought i was dying. I felt so dizzy and like i was going to black out. Oh, i also felt very nausous (Sorry i have bad spelling and grammar, i'm only an 11 year old girl...) Anyway, minutes felt like hours... I felt like time was so slow. A half an hour later, my father and brother came out of the Resterant. My family drove me to the hospital, just to make sure i was 100% safe. The ride wasn't fun. I was shaking so much and it seemed like ages... My brother kept talking about "Chuck" Which didn't make me feel any better. When we arrived at the hospital, a nurse took my blood pressure and it was normal. I was relieved. About 3 hours later, i saw a doctor. He said it sounds like a panic attack. He told me to go to the nurse for a EKG. (Heart thingy.) MOST UNCOMFORTABLE EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!! Gosh, i'm a preteen. I feel uncomfortable showing my flesh to people... She told me my heart was great. Then i went home. I still get panic attacks, in a few days i'm going to a therapist. Thank God... PANIC ATTACKS SUCK! xD

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