My panic attack experience

by Shazwan
(KL, Malaysia)

I have experienced two panic attack before when i was around 13 years old. I told my mum during the attack and i were rushed to the nearby clinic. The doctor say nothing is happening. My lungs, blood, heart, everything is fine. Until the third visit, the doctor told me that i might have Anxiety Disorder which leads to panic attack. Strangely enough, the panic leaves me after that for quite a few years.

But not for long though. last year(i was 24 that time), it happen again. It was 2 am. I was driving a car that time. on my way home after a long night hanging out with my friend. I suddenly feel like i dont have enough air on my body. i feel like i have a breathing problem. it feels like there is something wrong with my lungs or my heart. i start to panic. i feel like my heart were about to stop. i feel the urge to stop the car or drive myself to the hospital instead. the panic continues. i try to focus. i open my eyes as big as i could. i were afraid of fainting and afraid of involving in car accident. I start to suffocated. i open the window to get some air. i close the aircond. but nothing helps. i keep adjusting my seat for no reason. i started to clearing my throat a number of times. i called my mom, she answered but i didnt tell her that i am experiencing panic attack. i was talking to her about something else. i start to made up topic to discuss with my mom in order to make me forget about the panic attack. it feels very hard to speak but i force it. and then the panic started to cooldown. i finished the discussion with my mom. turn on the radio and started to relax. it was very tiring. the whole experience lasted for about 15 to 20 minutes. that was the most terrifying episode of panic attack i ever had.

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