My first ever panic attack.

by Bruce

Two years ago I lost my brother and then my father 3 months after. I was left with all the responsibility as executor of my fathers estate and also to get a trustee to look after my brothers estate. I have done everything by the book and when not sure I would ask my lawyer. I have proof and witnesses for everything I have done. The last 4 months I have had nothing but grief from my other brothers, who have accused me of cheating them. They have also spread lies about me in our small town. My wife and kids are the ONLY ones who did anything for my father, and we are the ONLY ones who asked him to move in with us so he wouldn't be left alone or put in a nursing home which he didn't want. I have been stressed to the max, and two weeks ago I had my first major panic attack. I couldn't catch my breath, I got dizzy and my chest pain made me feel like I was going to die. I thought I was having a heart attack. I was rushed to the hospital where I found out it was a panic attack. I have had several more since then. I believe it has been brought on by my worrying and my hate and disgust for my brothers. These attacks have me scared that I am going to die. I have been dealing with major depression for most of my life and all this stress is making it worse.

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