Just need to post this.

by Ruby

Sorry. This isn't a tip to help anyone deal with stress. I'm tired and things are worrying. I can't find any forum on the internet where I can just post my stress, so I hope nobody will mind me putting it down here.
If you're stressed and looking for a lift, click the back button, I just need to... splurge.

I'm 20 years old. Female. In my second year of uni.
I'm stressed because...
of money. I've been so deeply... bankrupt for so long. So poor. I have thousands of pounds of debt I am wallowing in and feel I will never be able to lift myself out of. Not only this, but out of their love my parents are helping me and they have no money. I'm draining their money.
Imagine if I won the lottery. Or even a thousand pounds. I sometimes hate this world for being the way it is. I feel like I'm trapped under a cover of darkness because I've dragged myself and my family into debt, and there are so many people walking the streets with a spare �1000 in their bank accounts. �1000. With that I'd be able to get through the next few months. I'd have my head at least partially above the water. SO MANY PEOPLE HAVE IT. I'm suffering so much, I'm so in need, and how can there be no way in this world for me to get myself out of this situation? Will nobody help me? Is it going to be like this forever?
If my Dad doesn't get this job he's waiting to hear about, in a factory, this christmas, then we're scr*wed.
Finis, you know.
And all my beautiful world will be lost. My Mum who I love so much. My brother who can't even help HIMSELF let alone us because of severe aspergers syndrome. I hate money. I loath it and long for it and totally rely on it.

I've got piles of work to do for university. Work. Work. Work. Just keep working.
I'm scared my brother has no happiness waiting for him in his future.
Something has to change.

What a great deal of stress you and your family are going through. It isn't easy when money is tight.

You may find it helpful to visit the website, Debt Proof Living. Mary Hunt, the author of the website and several books, has many ideas for getting through difficult financial times. She distributes a free newsletter with tips and she answers reader questions.

Maybe you could write to Mary Hunt with what you posted here. She may have some helpful ideas for you.

Best wishes for getting through these difficult times.


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