Is it real or fake?

by Scared mommy

I have been having panic attacks since I was 16 years old, they seem to go away and then come back worse that before.. Past few months after my son was born I began having problems with headaches, assuming it was cause of stress I would by pass and take tylenol. One day me and my son was driving to my moms when all a sudden I felt as if someone had hit me in the back of the head, no pain really more like pressure. All a sudden my whole body felt as if it was shutting down. I began weaving almost into the ditch when I begin to realize I was off the road and pulled over to call 911..
Few weeks later my son and I were walking in the mall when I had the same thing happen along with a warm sensation alone my body and felt as if I would fall over if I did not sit down. I started feeling as if i had pins and needles shooting through my body. 2 minutes later I was fine and felt as if I was ok to drive home. (Bad idea)... I come to a red light to where i had to turn left, well not only did I have to wait for the light to turn green I also had to wait for the 20 cars to pass also, so I began hyperventilating, I was freaking out! I was so worried I was going to pass out or worse die with my son in the truck with me.. :( so I went to er and of course nothing was found wrong with me... It worries me so much to know if it is panic attacks and they cause so much problems what will actually happen.. I cannot live like this anymore.

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