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by Anonymous

I found this web site helpful and just the sounds are relaxing:

I have started a blog. While this is a current interest blog, my alter ego and some point in time will deal with issues of stress relief. I have made several comments on the Inner Health Studio website. The blog is


by Anonymous

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Apr 23, 2011
I dont understand the blog
by: Anonymous

Is the link to the pandabear blog your blog candi? It seems like its someone else but this page said you've started a blog and the link is

Apr 23, 2011
The Blog is Not Mine
by: Candi

No, the blog is not mine. This post is from a website visitor who added the links to my site directory.

Apr 24, 2011
Panda Bear responds
by: Anonymous

Hi-The Panda Bear is not Candi. I am an office worker who lives in Boston. I have posted on this web site on such topics as autogenics, anxiety, coffee drinking and meditation.

The blog does not directly deal with anxiety though I am an anxious person and probably deal with different stress management issues.

sorry if you find this web site confusing.

If it looks a little like this web site it is because both this site and my site probably use some pre-built web templetes.

Panda Bear

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