I'm losing it

Worst attack was when I woke up in the middle of the night thinking I was at work. I work for a shipping company so I am around boxes all day. I woke up and knew I was in bed physically but my mind thought I was still at work. I was trying to figure out why I was at home in bed when I had all these boxes that needed to get shipped out. I was in a state of total confusion and even after telling myself there are no boxes here you are at home, part of my mind would not believe me. For 15 min there was a battle going on inside my head and my body was taking all the damage from the battle. I was convinced I had finally snapped and lost my mind which only made me feel more confused. At it's peak everything appeared "flat" as if I was looking at a picture of the world around me which again gave me more fuel to think I was going crazy. The scariest feeling is when you cannot feel safe and comfortable in your own home. This attacked ended in the ER and when one of the nurses told me somthing similar had happened to her when she first started working graveyard, My mind was instantly put at ease and I felt like a fool for being in the ER

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Jan 11, 2012
Fear of insanity is my worst symptom.
by: Chris

I can totally relate to your experience. I have the physical symptoms: racing heart, sweaty palms, tingling extremities, sense of confusion, feel like passing out but the worst is thoughts that I have lost my mind, will have no control, and a sense of unreality. I'm convinced I'm also depressed but those symptoms are fleeting and seem to only surface when I'm about to or do have a panic attack.

No er for me yet but have felt right on the verge but the attack subsided. Your story was very helpful to me. I'm just now getting help. First therapy session waiting for psychiatrist appt. And have been open and honest with my family and co-workers.

I hope you get help and relief.

Aug 23, 2014
i can relate
by: Brad

Wow, I had my first anxiety attack ever tonight and you described it perfectly. The worst part was the confusion. There's nothing more real and carnal than the fear that you're losing your mind. I just graduated from math and computer science from a very good school and all I could think was "what a waste to have all that knowledge only to go mentally insane a week after graduation. Thanks for writing, you really helped me!

Mar 20, 2016
Same here
by: Dalton

I've only had one attack but like you explained, I had all the physical symptoms but It seemed like I was losing my mind. every thought that came to my mind made me think I was going insane and that I would be locked up in a mental institution. I even tried to pray and I couldn't even get a prayer out because my mind kept telling me I was crazy. Afterwards I had general anxiety, I would be nervous all the time and I tried to tie my symptoms to something physical, but there was nothing wrong with me. I eventually watched a video on it and it basically tells you to not panic and let the it flow through your body and to constantly tell yourself it's ok and it will pass. I found that being extremely social and active helps a lot. I hope this helps someone.

Apr 12, 2016
Panic attack
by: Jio

I just had a panic attack and boy it was scary. I felt so scared I started to pray to God to forgive me for my sins. I felt like I couldn't breathe than my heart was racing, weak, sweaty palms, and just scared I was going to die. I taught I was really about to die. I been having anxiety since the beginning of 2015. I get panic attacks once in a while but I do get stress and anxiety symptoms. I feel way better now

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