I'm looking for a specific meditation recording: stripping away everything leaving you with your spirit

by Julie Longfellow
(San Jose, CA, USA)


I participated in a wonderful retreat when I was living in Ireland in 2001.

I don't know the name of the meditation but it was a woman's voice (non European) and the meditation led the group slowly through a series of stripping away everything: your material possessions, your friends, your family, your religious, political, scientific, social, economic beliefs - everything, even your physical presence - leaving you with just your essence - your spirit.

It was one of the best meditation exercises I've ever experienced and I am leading a retreat this Thanksgiving (back home in the States) and I would like to use this same meditation exercise.

Can you tell me if you are familiar with it? Where I could purchase/download it?

Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

I'm also interested in your suggestions for short (under 5 minutes) meditations for women as an alternate to the one I am looking for.

Thank you,

Julie Longfellow

Hi Julie,

I'm not familiar with the script you describe, but I'll post your question here in case anyone else may be able to help.

If anyone knows where to find a script like this, please post your comments here!


P.S. Some good short meditation exercises are body scan, focusing on breathing, and awareness of mind and body. You can adapt these techniques to be anywhere from one minute to several minutes.

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