I was driving and felt as though I would pass out

by Nichole
(Georgia US)

One day I was driving home from a friends house. I hadn't gotten much sleep the night before, but figured I could push through the tiredness long enough to get home and nap. 5 minutes after I got on the highway I began to feel sweaty and cold. I got extremely nauseous and my heart rate and blood pressure sky rocketed rapidly, causing me to feel as though I would pass out any moment. I pulled off to he side of the road and put my car in park, hen doubled over in my seat. Even as I struggled to get myself under control, I started shaking violently and felt hot one second and freezing the next I got out of the car and sat behind it, and began sobbing uncontrollably. Ironically, the crying helped me regulate my breathing some and the worst of the sensations began to fade within a few minutes. Total the attack lasted half an hour, but it was the worst half hour of my life. What helped the most was telling myself that I was only 10 minutes away from home, husband, and kids.

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