I was 12 and I think it was a panic attack

by Jennifer N
(Australia )

I was 12 years old and I had my first panic attack, well I think it was... I remember it being the scariest thing I ever went though. I had to sleep with my mum for 2 weeks straight, i think. It came out of no where just one night I was sleeping in my bed and next minute, I couldn't breathe I felt like someone was squeezing me or sitting on me. My mum called the doctors because she thought it was an asthma attack because I use to get it, but the doctor said I was breathing normally.

After that night I slept with my mum and I would wake up every night screaming because I couldn't breathe and I felt sick and dizzy and I was crying. I lived in a one level house so the fall wasn't big, and I use to jump out the windows and grab the grass so hard I felt like that was the only good thing happening at the moment and I had fresh air I could breathe again. This would happen every night, I can't even explain the feeling that I had, it was the worst thing ever, I felt like I was dying every single time. But after a week or two it disappeared and I never had it again and never want to have it again. (I think what help me was using a paper bag to breathe into, I think it helped me a lot actually). I'm pretty sure it was a panic attack but when I was little I didn't even know what it was.

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