i thought i was paralyzed

by Lani
(Hawaii )

I snuck out to go smoke hookah at my ex boyfriends house had my best friend over to smoke too and be my back up plan if my parents asked where i was and what i was doing (im 16)and she gets a frantic call from her mom and shes crying saying that he broke her son broke her hand.we drove really fast to her house and i felt dizzy and nauseous. I was getting an anxiety attach and i was trying to chill myself out and all of a sudden my feet started tingling and then my hands. The numbness started traveling to places where my clothes were tight on me and then started to buzz my legs were stuck and. My arms were stuck i couldnt breathe right and i was terrified. This was the only time i ever relied on God. We picked her mom and they took me to,my house and i had to lie to my mother and i wasnt thinking straight and i was telling my best friend the plan infront of her mom. And i looked like a T rex trying to get up my flight of stairs. My mom asked what happened and mh best friend told her and i layed on my moms bed for 6 hrs until i was able to move freely and kinda walk. I was really drained and i haven't had one like that ever again.

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Mar 30, 2015
worst panic attact i'v ever experienced
by: faheema

I was on my way for shopping with my husband all of sudden i got kinda restless feeling and all of sudden my hands went like i got a stroke as well as my head getting numbness and twitches and my body went stiff as i was in a terrible state i felt this is it i wont survive anymore ..my face went skew like a stroke ..i was soo damn scared and i was very restless couldnt take it anymore..my husband rushed me to hospital ..they said i got worse panic attack and prescribed me xanax but im still not keeping well plz pray for me as im in a terrible state now

Apr 09, 2016
wishing you well
by: Anonymous

im not sure if either of you guys will see this but i hope you are better

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