I thought I was dying

by Samantha
(Indiana )

After going through a traumatic experience I began having many panic attacks a week, sometimes multiple attacks a day. After having a bad night at work I decided to kick back and hang out with a friend. As she was driving I felt my heart pounding, it became hard to breathe and my body was tingling. I felt like the world was pulsing through my eyes, slow motion zooming in and out. I was so dizzy I couldn't see straight, I was eating a candy bar and my tongue was so numb it all came pouring out of my mouth. After about 20 minutes of trying to calm down she got me a glass of water and a Xanax that I obviously couldn't drink because I was hyperventilating. I then feared for my life, this wasn't a normal panic attack I'd have over and over again. I was almost positive I was having a heart attack and was about to die. I started screaming for her to call the cops because I was dying. Frantic, she tried to get me to the car as I was walking it felt like I was drunk, the world was spinning and I couldn't feel the ground. Finally after about an hour the symptoms started to fade and the panic was gone.

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