I am always worried but don't know whY...

I was sitting in my bed then suddenly started to freak out. I felt so worried,shaking,crying,even angry and wanting to...hit something.that was my first panic attack. but my most recent was I woke up crying and shaking aNd remembered my dream. My real father is a rapist who molested my sister. I don't remember him,but I have seen a picture of him from 2004. In my dream I was in math class (my favorite class) and just like every other day doing random problems, but then there was a knock on the door and a man (my father) walked in and said hi I'm (my name)s father. I looked up and started shaking and he started walking towards me and I stood up and I was crying and shaking and trying to call my mom but couldn't cause I kept dropping my phone from shaking then he started walking towards me more and I woke up and I was shaking and crying and really really worried for about an hour, after I had already woken up.and that happened last night.

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