Hungover and out of meds

by Cody
(Idaho )

I decided to drive to another town to visit friends (about an hour and a half away), catch up, and drink.

I go to university and my doc is only available during semester, and this was mid August. I had run out of my anti anxiety meds probably about a month earlier. I was feeling ok, didn't really need them but just the thought of not being able to get them left me feeling uneasy. I figured it would be fine though.

On the drive over I began to panic but I calmed down enough to make it there without incident. I was much more at ease when I got there and had a fun evening.

The next day I woke up pretty hung over, and as you may know alcohol can agitate anxiety conditions. We went out for breakfast and I was fine, but later we went to a bar to watch a sports game on tv. About midway through I felt like I needed some air so I went outside.

That heavy feeling on my chest wasn't going away and I was starting to get that feeling of unreality and dizziness. Then it hit me that I was in a town I wasn't familiar with, nowhere to go, and no way to get meds to calm me down.

I started randomly walking down the street, that feeling of wanting to grab a stranger and beg them for help creeping into my mind. I even thought about calling an ambulance just to get a sedative.

Eventually I texted my friends saying my hangover was hitting me and that I was getting a migraine. I barely made the 20 min car ride back to their house. I played it off like I was feeling nauseous but really I felt trapped in that car, like I was about to go insane. I wanted to try to just head home but they insisted I stay.

I didn't sleep at all that night and the next morning I hit the road first thing in the morning. I've dealt with anxiety for over 2 years now and luckily that was by far the worst attack I've ever had. Glad nothing like that has ever repeated itself.

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Dec 03, 2013
Out of towner
by: Anonymous

I was in the Philippines with my girlfriend on vacation and we have been on many a vacations together and i had been to many places alone before we met. I was waiting a while for some free time and privacy when she fell asleep and i started up on the instant coffee after a pretty bad hangover drinking the whole way there on the plane. Was soo tired but happy to be out of town. Was just sitting there, and something started hapenning. I felt unbelievably terrified, woke her up and asked if we could leave and go shop or anything. It got stronger and stronger. We got to the store and as i was standing in line my flip flop broke. as i was trying to figure it out i lost it, walked out of line and went straight to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and slapped cold water on my face. I was out of the country, thinking i was about to die This went on and so intense, i told her what was hapenning and she got mad. Then it really started to escalade and she started freaking out at me. Needless to say I ended up going home after being around the world for a half a day. Still havent fully recovered and seem to be waiting for the other shoe to drop. I didnt feel normal until i got home

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