How to relax anytime, anywhere by 'Focusing on breathing'

by Suryanarayana Chennapragada
(Rensselare NY 12144)

'Focusing on breathing' is a simple technique useful for all ages from 2 years to calm the mind and relax the body. This can be done in several modes as explained in this link (My non-commercial blog)

One of the six modes from the able article is posted below.

Segment mode: Every finger has 3 segments, separated by 2 cross lines. Place the tip of the thumb at the top segment of the little finger. Breathe in and out once, normally, without counting. Shift the thumb to the middle segment and breathe in and out. Move to the bottom segment and breathe in and out. Now repeat the same steps at the next 3 fingers. At the thumb, place the tip of the index finger on its segments and follow the same steps. Now switch to the other hand and repeat the steps. Continue practicing, switching hands. Advanced version: While breathing in, lift the pointing finger off the segment and while breathing out, keep it in contact.

Try this technique when you are in bed and wish to sleep. You will be amazed how smoothly you will fall asleep by the time you complete about 4 hands using the above technique. No more insomnia!

The above cited article explains five other modes of doing it and how these can be practiced anytime anywhere.

There are many benefits from this practice like relief from - Anger, Anxiety, Lack of concentration, Chronic pains of Arthritis & Fibromyalgia, Difficult relationships, Grief, Hypertension, Job stress, Migraine, Obesity, Panic attacks, Smoking, Stuttering, Worry...etc . Comprehensive reports can be seen from my web page
(my non-commercial web site)

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