hopeless but strong

by Brendan

Hey im 17 i live in canada BC and anxiety has been ruining things for 2 years now. My worst anxiety attack was more than once i get a new 1st place attack every other day, im very ordinary for my age and i eat right workout and bmx i party almost weekend i dont do any drugs definatly cant take a toke without panicing i do get to a good drunk though..anyways i get attacks so often that i sleep on my bathroom floor everynight now! I feel very hopeless but how am i get gonna let anxiety defeat me *%*@* anxiety the feeling that im gonna die or how i cant breathe or feel like i need to phone an ambulance. *&^$ no we all know this feeling but i always just think of my gma who didnt die when she had cancer 4 different types or lupis or when she woke up from a comma r.i.p ♥ we'll all get through it guys

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