Going Against the Tide

I am a very fast person and suffer from anxiety. I need to slow down.

For example, I have used some slow breathing exercises to slow down my resting breathing rate which was a 28-30 breaths a minute now it is about 18 breaths per minute and I read somewhere it should be about 10 breaths per minute.
However, I feel that culture that I live in (I work in a business in Northeast USA) is very faced paced.

For people that are anxious and hyperactive I think we have to a culture that says be fast and that to be caffeinated is good.

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Dec 03, 2009
Coping with a Fast Pace
by: Anonymous

You're right that your culture is fast paced and encourages people to do everything quickly.

Culture can contribute to stress and anxiety. By doing deep breathing and slowing the rate of your breathing you are already working on decreasing your anxiety.

Continuing to use relaxation techniques can help you to withstand the fast paced environment you find yourself in. Regular relaxation can help bring your anxiety level down and increase your resistance to stress.

Sometimes a fast pace can contribute to anxiety, but it can also help to keep you energized and motivated. Perhaps a fast pace can be manageable, as long as you have down time too. Making sure to schedule in time to relax and unwind, do things you enjoy, and have quiet time that is not rushed.

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