flashback relaxation

hello i just joined your site, it seems so relaxing and peaceful and secure. I suffer from flasback due to certain trauma i experienced. I have been searching for ages for some type of guided imagery or hypnosis to help me cope with that. Im am delighted to have this webiste. I downloaded the mp3 version and i listened to the voice, and the person talking say to look at images on the screen, did she mean i was suppose to create my own personal image and imagine they are infront of me, or was i suppose to click on something else to actually bring up images. Because I didnt see any images, i could hear her voice. I wondered did i do something wrong Either way i found it incredibly helpful. it really helped me to feel grounded

thank you x


I'm glad you found the exercise helpful. The "screen" in the Coping With Flashbacks Relaxation is an imaginary screen where you picture your own images as if they are on a TV screen. You didn't do anything wrong.

Here is the script in case you would like to have the written words, too:


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