first time panic attack

by nabta

This happened to me about a week ago I was just laying in bed about to go to sleep when it hit me it started with my hands and feet getting really cold n then I could feel my heart racing like crazy I was terrified and thought that I was dying from a heart attack but I started breathing deeply n it eventually stopped the next I went to the doctor and all my tests were normal but after the attack I have lost my appetite completely I was tense and I couldn't relax or sleep at night for the next two days I was just really scared it will happen again, I'm still feeling not 100% myself yet because my appetite is still shut its been a week now since the attack but the anxiety has lessened somehow. Is the loss of appetite something I should worry about?

Yes, it isn't good to have a problem with your appetite, so please follow up with your doctor again. Anxiety can suppress appetite, but by checking with your doctor you can find out if anxiety is causing this appetite problem still or if it may be something else.


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