First Panic Attack

I have never had a Panic attack, nor fully understood what they even were until yesterday. I was with some people at a hookah bar, but we left after about 10 minutes of smoking because I had to leave to pick up my friend to go to a football game. After the about a 10 minute car ride home as I'm turning into my neighborhood, out of nowhere I just opened my car door and threw up. I drove into my neighborhood out of oncoming traffic and parked on the side of the road in case I was going to throw up again. After I sit there for a second I start feeling my hands to shake and my body start to sweat. Scared, I ask my friends to look at my hands. But they all say my hands are not shaking, even tho I feel my hands shaking for sure. I drive home quickly noticing this was about to get bad, and once I parked in my driveway the shaking just covered my entire body. I could even feel my lips shaking. I heard voices say "are you ok?" and someone bluntly saying "no.". After hearing that, there wasn't a second Inbetween my mind going from confused to instantly panicking and thinking I was going to die. No thought crossed my brain, nothing really scared me about what he said but for some reason I couldn't control the panic I was in for the next 15 minutes. I don't know if I walked or stumbled, but somehow I got to my room with a trash can. I layed down in my bed and that was when the panic was at its worst. The internal shaking I felt was getting faster and faster and I started hearing ringing in my ears. At this point, convinced I was either already dead or dying. I just screamed my mothers name to come upstairs. I was expecting shock and worry to hit her face when she saw mine, but she just softly said, what's wrong? And Inbetween hearing her say that and me explaining to her what was wrong with me, I realized I was panicking. I handed her my hand, strangely relaxed in a stiff position sure it had to be shaking by now and told her i couldnt stop shaking and i think somethings wrong with me. She told me I wasn't shaking and that I should just calm down. I don't remember what else she said after that but she talked me through the rest of it. The shaking headache and nausea stayed for about three hours after the panic had left. And eventually I could stand up but I still felt dizzy. The worst part of this was I had no idea what a panic attack was until I was told I was having one. I still have no idea what triggered it but I hope it never happens again.

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