First day freak out

by Bryna

It was about 10:40 at night, I was lying in my bed trying to get sleep because I was starting middle school in 2 days. All of a sudden, I couldn't breathe.

I started freaking out, and started crying. I was really confused because I was struggling with bipolar depression, and it felt like a combination of manic and lows. But then I considered that it could be a panic attack. I looked up ways to stop it, but my vision turned into the vision you see in movies, clear in most of your sight, but the edge of your vision was blurry like I was stung by a tracker jacker.

I tried taking deep breaths, but nothing helped. So, I decided just to wait it ou.

5 minutes later, it was over. That was my first panic attack, and words can't even describe how terrified I was.

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