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by Tula

Question: I have been having issues while driving with anxiety. My mother has the same problems, but has let it control her life to the point where she doesn't drive anymore. I do not want the problem to control my life as well. When I drive I feel like I can't see, I get dizzy, and sometimes I feel like I am not in control like I am out of my body. It is a very uncomfortable feeling what do you suggest that I do?

Answer: First of all, it is very important to see your doctor for a medical checkup to rule out medical conditions that could be contributing to your symptoms, and to get medical clearance to drive.

Once you have completed any necessary medical tests and are certain that anxiety is the cause of your symptoms, there are many techniques for dealing with anxiety that can help you overcome the feelings you are experiencing.

If anxiety is the cause of your symptoms, remember that the anxiety is not going to hurt you. Fighting the anxiety and trying to make it go away causes the anxiety to get stronger. Accepting that you are feeling anxious and simply waiting for the anxiety to pass will help it more quickly disappear.

It sounds like one of your troublesome symptoms is depersonalization (feeling like you are outside your body). Here is a Relaxation for Depersonalization script. Over the next few weeks, you can listen to the Relaxation for Depersonalization audio on the Members Only site.

For more techniques for dealing with anxiety, check out these pages:

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Hope this helps!


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